The Coddiwomple Chronicles

A couple of Coddiwomplers on a journey to an unknown destination

About Us 

Coddiwomple: “To travel in a purposeful manner to a vague destination”.

We are Michaela and Elliott, a twenty-something couple from Oxfordshire and Surrey respectively, previously nicknamed “Michelliott”.

Five years on from where it all began – a public international law seminar at university – and as our peers are getting married / buying houses / (insert appropriate adult life status here); we are trotting off on a one-way ticket, with a handful of countries pinpointed but the ultimate destination unknown (hence “Coddiwomple Chronicles”, although we must credit a good friend with putting together the blog name).

When we decided in early 2016 after an amazing three week trip to South Africa that we wanted something more than the 9-5, I entertained the idea of writing a blog to keep friends / family updated along the way, and get back into writing. Both Elliott and I will be updating the blog and sharing our perspectives (hopefully keeping you entertained along the way). We don’t wish to contribute to a generic blog which ‘sugar coats’ the reality of travelling with your long-term partner. Instead, this blog is intended to record the highlights, hilarities and harder moments of a couple who are on a journey of not taking life too seriously, while searching for some seriously good food on the way.

Our chronicles begin back in Cape Town, and we couldn’t be more excited to go back. The itinerary is set to include 20/20 cricket (Elliott’s pick)… Stay tuned to see what else we get up to!